Acu-Vib Electronics  specialises in hiring, selling and repairing electronic equipment which are used in fields of environmental research and development, occupational health and safety and acoustics and vibrations to name a few. Acu-Vib Electronics distributes and supplies products of companies including Svantek, Vibrock, 01dB, DJBinstruments, G.R.A.S Science and Vibration and Scien.

01dB products distributed by Acu-Vib Electronics include PC based systems, sound level meters, dose meters, noise sources, human vibration meters and calibrators. Symphonie and Harmonie PC based systems consists of transducers which transfer data to notebook computers in real-time. It is light-weight, portable and standardised.

Acu-Vib Electronics supplies Maestro which is a human vibration meter. It includes transducers and accessories which help in measuring vibrations for the whole body to prevent industrial injuries. It is easy to use and can function 4 channels simultaneously.

Acu-Vib Electronics distributes Movipack, an instrument used for predictive maintenance. It optimises, controls and maintains the performance of production machines. Movipack includes a digital recorder, balancer, data collector and 2-channel analyser.