Acu-Vib Electronics  hires various noise equipment and vibration measurement instruments. The noise equipment include noise dose meters, sound level meters, sound intensity probes, sound intensity analysers, microphones, noise loggers, printers, calibrators, four channel input module and SLM with vibration time to name a few.

Acu-Vib Electronics also hires vibration instruments including tape recorders, laptop PC, power shakers and human vibration pads. Other accessories hired by Acu-Vib Electronics include weather stations, light meters and oscilloscopes.

Acu-Vib Electronics is NATA registered and provides quick and reliable service to all its customers with a turn around time of 2-3 days.

Acu-Vib Electronics distributes measurement software products including audio analyser modules, sound power and intensity modules, architectural and environment modules. It also supplies accessories including microphone windscreens, microphone adaptors for calibration and microphone adaptors for preamplifiers.

Acu-Vib Electronics also supplies Anylogger, which is a data logging and wireless monitoring system. Anylogger makes wireless measurement of strain, sound, vibration and force. It uses wireless monitoring system technology to transmit measured data to monitoring PC. It also aids in reducing errors, time consumption and energy caused by cable networks.