Action tanks  have developed the wet gross pollutant trap (WGPT) to meet increasing expectations from the Stormwater Management Industries to provide a cost effective and highly efficient gross pollutant trap.

The WGTP traps are cost effective and highly efficient in installation, operation and maintenance.

The WGTP traps coarse pollutants in stormwater – notably litter and coarse sediments. The WGPT has a retention chamber of 268L and weight of 45Kg, the galvanised steel grate and chamber supplied is 680mm in diameter by 1,080mm in height, the outlet is 150mm in diameter.

The wet zone height is 740mm and the hydrocarbon retention zone height is 300mm and the silt retention zone height is 500mm. A full engineering report is available.

Following are the advantages of WGPT:

  • Round Grate for ease of outlet connection. Rotate the WGPT to the direction of stormwater connection saving expensive 150mm fittings
  • Round grate removes the difficulty of aligning square grates with building form and edges. The tray is tapered into the buoyant debris retention and pump out tube
  • Apertures in the tray produce a rain effect into the sediment chamber which reduces the concentration of water flow thus providing for quicker separation of hydrocarbons (oil / kero etc) and water born sediment
  • The tray does not retain silt, which can dry out and be reactivated by wind and blown out. Over 30 - 200mm x 2mm radial slots in the tray produces a rain effect into the retention chamber thus reducing water current concentration and maximises silt separation and retention
  • Venting by-pass provides a siphon break, is mozzie proofed with S/S mesh. This provides one position only for the tray so that best flow characteristics are maintained in the silt retention chamber
  • 300mm hydro-carbine retention zone
  • Inverted cone shaped baffle that raises the point of high velocity water flow to the invert of the outlet
  • Cleaning is simple, insert a vacuum hose into the central chamber of the tray. Hydrocarbons are drawn through vertical slots minimising loss to SW when the system refills with water
  • 150mm S/W o-ring joint connecter built in. accepts 150mm dwv
  • Regular cleans preformed by removal of grate only
  • Major cleans by removing grate and tray