Action tanks  manufacture and supply a number of products to prevent mosquitos and other pathogens and vermin from entering the tank. These products improve the quality of water flowing into the tank.

Dr Michael Kearney, University of Melbourne, have recently warned about the hazards of storing water in rainwater tanks. His recommendation is to install a screen with 1mm mesh. (Cited Courier Mail 27/01/09)

Action tanks manufacture and supply a patented Child Safe First Flush Diverter for above ground and underground rainwater tanks. Fitted with a 1mm stainless steal mesh strainer, the diverter reduces contaminates and vermin entering the tank by diverting the first flush (minimum 22L of rainfall).

The diverter protects assets such as pumps, toilet systems, washing machines and plumbing fittings and automatically resets after every rainfall. The strong upper ledge of the Action Child Safe First Flush Diverter also acts as a barrier preventing children entering the tank.

The above ground Child Safe First Flush Diverter is completely concealed within the tank and is suitable for all tanks with circular inlet strainers. In relation to underground systems, there is choice in systems, either with the diverter incorporated or having it located separately from the tank.