Action tanks  manufacture and supply a number of products for commercial and domestic use. These products improve the quality of water flowing into the tank by filtering out pathogens, sediment and leaves.

Suitable for commercial applications and various downpipe dimensions, the Dual Flow Pit manages large roof areas to be harvested and drained to stormwater catchments.

Action tanks manufacture and supply an inline filtration unit with a continuous flow. The Dual Flow Pit is a dry system measuring 500mmW*620mmH(to Lid)*689mmH and is incorporated with a 1mm mesh leaf strainer to prevent mosquitos, pathogens and vermin from entering the tank.

Inlet configuration is either 2x100mm or 1x150mm. The Dual Flow Pit captures the rainfall from larger roof areas and flows to a chamber 300mmH *370mmL where the water drains through a small outlet at the base into a gravel pit beneath and enters the stormwater.

When the water in the chamber reaches a height of 15cm, it then flows into the tank and also continues to drain through the outlet at the base. During heavy rainfall the water rises and flows into the storm water drain through the top 100mm outlet, preventing backflow into the inlet pipes.