Actech International  is a manufacturer of concrete machinery products, accessories and technologies at affordable prices and has been operating in business for the past 20 years. Actech International supplies products catering to specific industry needs. Actech International offers products for bridge and freeway constructions, precast pit manufacturers, formworkers, carpenters, general concrete contractors, tilt-up panel producers and erectors and precast panel producers and erectors.

Actech International offers a wide range of products including chemicals, packers, shims, sprayers, bar and mesh spacers, panel formwork, formply, formwork accessories, conduit, tubes, magnets, z-bars, fasteners, ferrules, props, lifting anchors, hardware, drill bits, diamond tools, slabs and dowels.

Actech International also distributes safety equipment including safety rails and bar guards. It manufacturers variety of sprays for marking and spraying including spray paint, line marking, spray inks and pencil markers.

Actech International also manufactures and distributes formwork accessories and diamond tools including road saws, hand saws, diamond core bits, diamond blades and diamond accessories.

The concrete machinery offered by Actech International includes vibrating screeds, trowels, poker vibrators, concrete cutting and spare parts. The variety of vibrating screed includes bull float screeds, double beam screeds and triangular truss types.