Actech International  offers a wide range of fasteners including bolts, nuts, washers, wedge anchors and dropping anchors. The lifting anchors offered by Actech International include panel face lifters, lifting loops, shear studs, utility anchors, ring lift edge lifters, liftfix foot anchors, liftfix foot eye anchors and liftfix clutches.
Actech International also supplies formworks, panels and mini props. The magnets offered by Actech International include Kling-on switch, Kling-on block, Kling-on driver, Kling-on combo, blockout magnet and Ferrule locators.

The Kling-on switch is a formwork attachment device to provide easy and quick release of formwork to manufacture precast concrete products. Actech International also offers tying tools, wires, cast-in plates and formply. The formwork plywood is square, light weight and easy to cut.

The power tools offered by Actech International include rotary hammers, demolition tools and cordless impact wrench. The concrete hand tools distributed by Actech International include hand trowels, hand floats, edgers, bull floats and straight edges.

The ferrules offered by Actech International include duo ferrules, pressed tubes, plastic ferrules and couplers. The company also offers slab underlay, slab drowels, foam jointing, expansion joints and backing rods.