Actech International  offers an entire gamut of chemicals including release agents, bond breakers, curing compound chemicals, water based sealers, surface retarders, patching and repair, admixtures, additives and maintenance products.

The Crete Lease bond breaker offered by Actech International aids in cleaning and removing patches and stains from concrete surfaces. The drying time depends on the humidity and temperature. The bond breaker is generally used for tilt-up concrete panels and temporary protection of surfaces. It is non-toxic, non-staining, resistant to rains and minimises water penetration into slabs.

Actech International offers Crete-Trete 309-VOC, a curing compound which is water based and can be applied easily with sprayer, roller or brush. It has no unpleasant odour, is non-flammable and does not contain filler resins. Actech International offers variety of packers and shims including curing packers, steel shims, plastic shims, wedges and paving spacers.

The bar and mesh spacers offered by Actech International includes plastic bar chairs, steel bar chairs, concrete bar chairs, mesh chairs, circular spacers, continuous bar chairs and bar guards. The different types of conduits and tubes offered by Actech International include spiral metal tube, plastic tube, conduit and cones.