Acoustical Design  offer a range of acoustic panels with upholstered finishes or steel finishes for that industrial appearance.

Modern architecture often features big open spaces with clean sharp surfaces and acoustically absorptive finishes specifically designed to make areas liveable can often be forgotten.

Still it is not too late to incorporate a suitable acoustic treatment into your premises enhancing not only the acoustic quality but also its visual appearance.

Acoustic panels from Acoustical Design are simple to install and can be wall or ceiling mounted. Using the tracking system provided, acoustic panels can be fitted by the customer or by the installation team from Acoustical Design.

The range of Super Sound acoustic panels available includes:

  • Super Sound Panel – Ideally used to decrease reverberation, particularly mid and high frequency noise
  • Super Sound Panel LF – Ideally used to decrease reverberation in environments where there is low frequency noise.
  • Super Sound Panel IS – Ideally used where sound isolation and reverberation control is required