Acoustical Design  has developed a versatile sound level monitor called Soundscan which allows the operator of an entertainment premises to control the noise level. It uses advanced microprocessor technology to constantly monitor sound levels in relation to the maximum levels allowed in a premises. Acoustical Design recommends Soundscan should be located on a wall in close proximity to the band or DJ, sound engineer or Management.  

Soundscan has a number of technical features including:
Warning display lamps
Relay activating circuit
Tamper resistant cabinet
Power interruption alarm
Activation event memory
Positive sound level control
Tonal adjustment circuit
Low and high frequency sound level activation threshold adjustment  

The flashing coloured lights continually respond to sound levels with green being the safest option and red when the noise levels are exceeding their allowed level. Soundscan can overlook isolated excesses in sound by determining when the maximum sound level has been reached, and low frequencies are monitored by a tonal adjustment facility. Soundscan also has an optional alarm that can be sounded when excessive noise levels have been reached.