Acoustical Design  has created a Mini and Micro sized audiometric booth for customers with limited space. The booths are only one metre squared each and completely portable so screening and testing can be conducted on site rather than travelling to a special facility. The Mini and Micro Booths eliminate noise created in industrial environments but have been adapted by many different industries because of the convenience and economical advantages.  

The Mini Booth is 1000 millimetres wide by 800 millimetres deep by 1900 millimetres high, and weighs 300 kilograms. It features a positive door seal, instrument jack panel, double glazed viewing window, internal lamp, ventilation, heavy duty castors and an instrument shelf. Acoustical Design has designed the Mini and Micro booth to meet international standards.  

The range at Acoustical Design also includes:

  • VROA chambers and observation rooms
  • Audiology Test Booths
  • Anechoic Chambers
  • Studios
  • Voice Over Rooms
  • Custom Built Booths