Acoustical Design  provides a range of acoustic panels including its acoustic foam panels in order to eliminate echoing and to create an optimum acoustic ambience for a particular premise. 

Larger metal or concrete panels are usually fitted with rooms to not only enhance the acoustic quality but also the visual appearance of the rooms. 

The problem with these more expensive and more difficult to install panels is that they may not necessarily be suitable for smaller rooms or rooms which do not require significant improvements in acoustic quality.

Acoustical Design provide a range of acoustic foam panels which can be easily stapled to wall or wall fittings in order to provide acoustic enhancement. 

Key benefits and features of Acoustical Design’s acoustic foam panels include: 

  • comes in a range of standard shapes, colours and sizes
  • panels can be selected and designed to suit specific acoustic and design needs
  • easy to install with staple gun
  • all panels are nylon finished for durability
  • panels can be easily removed or refitted 
  • alternative to more expensive and more permanent panels