Acoustica  is an Australian company started in 1982. Acoustica provides sound absorption and sound insulation products in commercial, industrial, architectural, marine and transport fields. Acoustica is also the recipient of awards like the Excellence in Innovation Award.

The products offered by Acoustica for sound studio is suited for walls and ceilings and purpose designed acoustics. Cheops Pyraminds and Sonex are used for walls and ceilings while Hem Holtz Shock Absorber is meant for purpose designed acoustics. Hem Holtz shock absorber is also used in architectural buildings and industries due to features like absorption of low and high frequency sound, asbestos free nature and non absorption of odour.

Acoustica products are widely used in machinery, plant rooms, sound curtains, extraction ducts and workshops. Acoustiflex and Acoustifoam EU70 are used in machinery. These absorb vibrations, sound reverberations and sound transmission. Noise shield is used for both machinery and plant rooms while Echosorb is used in workshops. These products, made of polyesters, are not affected by water or oil.

To dampen vibrations in the industrial applications, damping plate and damping pad are used. Made of visco elastic material, damping pad can absorb shock and vibrations. These two products can also be used in vehicle doors, speakers and medical equipments.