Acoustica presents QuietX, a range of decorative acoustic panels that combines a discreet sound solution with personalised wall decor for effective noise control in any space.

Recommended for diverse commercial and educational spaces, QuietX sound absorbent panels consist of EchoSoft, a superior lightweight noise absorber and printed fabric that can be personalised to suit the application. QuietX not only controls reverberated sound but also offers complete customisation in style and size – choose any printed image, from company branding to promotional material and get the acoustic panels tailored to your design and size preferences.

A reusable frame system can be used to change the QuietX panels at any time, ensuring your sound absorbing solution is always on-trend and up-to-date. All QuietX panels are custom-made and shipped flat-pack, for easy and quick on-site installation.

Key features and advantages of QuietX decorative acoustic panels include reverberated sound control; customised wall-mounted artistic solution to reduce noise in high congregation areas; no size restrictions; proven performance using high-density EchoSoft technology; personalisation options; 100% recyclable components, non-allergenic and non-toxic for environment-friendly specification; reusable aluminium frame system allowing easy and quick change of the panels; and lightweight, durable and crease-free panels.

QuietX decorative acoustic panels find application in diverse environments including learning spaces and schools, gymnasiums, libraries, offices, retail stores, restaurants, waiting rooms and hospitality.