Accutherm International  supplies an extensive range of gas control and test equipment, that includes products such as filters, gas regulators, pressure switches, gas analysers, manometers, velocity meters, carbon monoxide detectors, valves , burner controls, ignitors, flame controls and sensors, ignition transformers, gauges, multimeters and gas leak detectors. Accutherm International distributes a range of gas control products and gas control systems manufactured by specialist companies in the gas industry.

Accutherm International designs and builds special purpose gas control systems to suit Riello packaged burners, Eclipse industrial burners and combustion applications. Accutherm International also designs gas safety shutoff systems, electrical control panels and industrial gas trains for commercial and industrial applications. The gas safety shutoff systems from Accutherm International help in automatically shutting off the gas flow in buildings and appliances through its remote interlock systems, when leaks are detected.

The interlocks supplied by Accutherm International includes fire sprinkler systems smoke alarms, stop buttons and gas detectors. Special purpose gas control systems developed and distributed by Accutherm International include the following products; heat recovery systems, oxy-fuel control systems, direct and indirect fired industrial heaters, flare burners for waste gas, methane and biogas and control systems.