Accutherm International  offers a range of gas control systems, gas safety shut off equipment, handheld test equipment, burner spares and burner systems for use in industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Some of the gas control equipment distributed by Accutherm International includes productssuch as gas meters, safety shut off valves, gas valves, pressure relief valves, butterfly valves, orifice valves, LPG regulators, dual fuel burners, coalescing filters, gas pressure switches, gas strainers, gas odorising equipment, gas meters and burner parts.

ACCU-TEST gas safety shut off system is a special purpose gas control system developed by Accutherm International, which is used in detecting leak of gas in unsupervised gas appliances. Using the safety interlocks such as smoke alarms, stop buttons and fire sprinkler flow switches supplied by Accutherm International possible gas leaks can be detected and the flow of gas can be automatically blocked.

The ACCU-TEST gas safety shut off systems manufactured by Accutherm International finds application in hospitals, educational and science laboratories, workshops, apartment blocks, aged care facilities and commercial kitchens. The ACCU-TEST gas safety shut off systems are available with a separate electrical control panel and a gas solenoid valve assembly. The ACCU-TEST gas safety shut off systems can be powered by 240V, 110V and 24V appliances.