Accutherm International  distributes a wide range of gas control products, system control components, handheld test equipment, burner spares and burner systems. Accutherm International supplies an extensive range of industrial burners, packaged burner systems, gas equipment and spare parts to the commercial and industrial sectors. The experienced gas system design engineers and technical sales staff at Accutherm International are involved in providing quality gas solutions to its customers in the gas industry.

Accutherm International through its strategic partnership with gas control product manufacturing companies, supplies quality gas control products and also has established gas plants, such as regulating stations, gas metering, gas odorising, gas filtration, gas logging and monitoring systems. The gas control products and gas control systems supplied by Accutherm International feature a strong environmental focus.

Industrial sectors can benefit from the burner and burner control systems supplied by Accutherm International, in reducing the emission of green house gases and thus, contribute to environmental conservation and save energy. The extensive range of gas products and gas control equipment supplied by Accutherm International are manufactured by companies such as, Riello Burners, Combustion Tec, Moro Fans, Eclipse Combustion, Test Products International, Cewal, BASO, Exothermics, Cofi Ignition and Johnson Controls.