Access Solutions National  offers creative solutions such as Xcella Grip products, Duo Bike and Being Accessible Guide specifically for disabled people. Xcella Grip series of creative solutions from Access Solutions National include various glove products. These glove products are available in three sizes of small, large and medium sizes. Gloves have been manufactured by using lynetics rubber, leather; American Velcro as well as wax coated stitching.

Push mitts from Access Solutions National have been specifically designed for wheel chairs and manufactured using leather as well as abrasive rubber. Shear gloves provided by Access Solutions National enable a person having limited hand strength to work in gardens.

Duo Bike creative solution from Access Solutions National comprises of features including adjustable resistance, extendable support, mini computer display, hand straps as well as foot straps. This magnetic resistance hand and foot cycle possess compact design that enables easy storage and specifically suitable for all age groups. Being Accessible Guide creative solution from Access Solutions National is basically an interactive box comprising of CD ROMs. These CD ROMs provide information on several accessibility requirements that enable to increase the chances of opportunities for disabled people.