Access Solutions National  specialises in providing creative solutions to increase accessibility. This company comprises of a group of disability access consultants for providing various creative solutions. Access Solutions National is basically a flexible disability access company that is allied with several organisations for providing special advices on disability related issues.

Access Solutions National is an ISO 9001 accredited organisation that ensures to provide appropriate advice as well as creative solutions that increases the accessibility chances for disabled people. Access Solutions National offers a comprehensive range of solutions including product development, product evaluation, disability access consulting, professional development and workplace assessments.

Body Craft Access Xpress is one such creative solution devised by Access Solutions National for disabled people. This solution proves to be a better alternative to dumbbell exercise. Body Craft Access Xpress comprises of seat back adjustments that ensure to provide support at every angle to the disabled people.

Body Craft Access Xpress from Access Solutions National offers natural, unrestricted as well as biomechanical correct movements. This enables the disabled people to build strength as well as balance for everyday activities. Body Craft Access Xpress has been specifically designed for disables people as well as healthy individuals.