Access Solutions National  provides various creative solutions that have been specifically devised for disabled people including Hooked Up, ADAPTag, EZReacher and SONICGRIP. Hooked Up creative solution from Access Solutions National has been specifically designed for fishing industry. This product possesses features including simple design, fast and secure operation with good reliability. Hooked Up creative solution is basically used for attaching the hooks in a safe as well as non damaging fashion.

EZReacher from Access Solutions National has been specifically designed for picking up messy, dangerous as well as hard to reach items. This product comprises of strong rubber cup grip and sophisticated design of the handle enables to minimise hand as well as finger stress. Other feature of this creative solution includes heavy duty locking feature.

Diverse range of services from Access Solutions National includes product development, product evaluation, disability access consulting, professional development and workplace assessments. Product evaluation services include evaluation or assessment of the manufactured as well as developed product specifically for disabled people.

Professional development training from Access Solutions National includes delivery of several training solutions across different levels as well as industries. These training solutions devised for disabled people include understanding access, accessible built environments, disability awareness and several other topics.