Abdex Industries  is a major supplier of repair, maintenance and anti-slip products. Other products it specialises in are waterproofing and rubber products.

Waterproofing products from Abdex Industries such as Flamenco Black provides protection from all contamination including dampness and corrosion. It is economical and easy to use. Jetshield is a bituminious coating which can be used to seal asbestos. This is provided by Abdex Industries in the aerosol form. Flamenco Scrim is a fibre-glass mesh which can be cut to the customer's requirements. It is used for protection of the underlay from fraying and distortion. Flamenco Umbrella is a granular material that is used for ceilings that are leaking. These are mostly used in the rainy season. Water Block provides instant waterproofing for bricks, ceilings and pipes. It is mostly used in reservoirs and areas below the water table. A permanent waterproofing solution from Abdex Industries for roofs and gutters is Flemenco Silicone. It has an elongation capacity of about 350% and is flexible.

Some of the rubber products from Abdex Industries are rubber rolls, insertion rubber, cork sheeting, eve infills, horse mats, skirting rubber, punch sheets, gym mats and more.