Abdex Industries  is a supplier of repair and maintenance products. It has been in this business for over 20 years and all its products comply with all Australian standards of safety and design.

Other than repair and maintenance, Abdex Industries also provides customers with special lubricants. SPRAY is a clear lubricant that prevents rust and dampness. FOODSAFE SPRAY is manufactured using vegetable oil and thus, ensures hygienic protection of areas such as food-processing units. LUBE when applied, solidifies to turn into a grease which is ideal for machines and equipment. WETGREASE is used in wet places such as docks. AEROTEC from Abdex Industries is a varnish in the aerosol form. It also exhibits high insulation properties. PROTECTOR is used in storages for the protection of spare and immovable parts. BELTGRIP gives conveyor belts extra strength and grip. It is a quick-drying application which also increases the life of the belt. STRIPPEX from Abdex Industries is used for the removal of paint, carbon and graffiti. Batteries of every type and property can be protected with the help of BATTRICARE from Abdex Industries.

Abdex Industries is also a major supplier of lubricants, waterproofing and rubber products.