Abdex Industries  has been a supplier of maintenance and repair products for the last 20 years. All its anti-slip products comply with design and safety requirements such as the AS/NZS4586.

Anti-slip products from Abdex Industries consist of RUSTEC, RAPIDTEC, BIOTEC and many more. Making gates, hinges, gantries and hoppers rust-proof and long lasting can be done with the help of RUSTEC. Concrete areas in floors, walls, ceilings etc. can be repaired by REPAIRTEC. WEARTEC provides floors with a long lasting protection from cracks and other damages. Added protection of plant, machinery and equipment can be carried out using TUFTEC.

Repair and maintenance products from Abdex Industries can be used for any material such as plastics, metals, PVC, concrete and asphalt. Concrete fillers help in the repairing structures such as steps, ramps and concrete tanks. Timely repairs to these structures help to avoid hazardous accidents. REPAIROAD maintains asphalt and tarmacadum areas, more specifically, roads, driveways and car parks. Water surfaces such as tanks, pipes and gutters are repaired by SEALRITE. Quick repairs by the application of a thin polyester repair patch is done with WONDERPATCH.

Abdex Industries is also a major supplier of waterproofing, rubber and lubricant products.