AAA Poly Tanks  provides underground tanks and pumps which are available in a wide range. The underground tanks offered from AAA Poly Tanks are strong and light weight to facilitate easy installation. Other features include under yard, designed in such a manner to save space, ideal for transporters tank for trucks and under house installations at low height areas.

AAA Poly Tanks underground tanks are available in various models with capacities of 3,000 litres, 5,000 litres, 6,000 litres and 10,000 litres.

The tank with a capacity of 3,000 litres has a length of 2.42 metres, height 0.77 metres, width 2.55 metres and carries 660 gallons of materials. 5,000 litres tank carries 1100 gallons of materials with length 3.45 metres, width 2.55 meters and height 0.80 meters. Underground tanks can be installed using yard installation and driveway installation kits.

AAA Poly Tanks offers different types of pumps. All pumps offered have water run out protection and the pressure pumps have taps that can be turned on or off. The pumps offered include PC- 40, PC-60, PC-120, etc. These pumps are generally used for watering the garden, washing cars, water transfer and for automated applications as they have a dry water cut off facility.