AAA Poly Tanks  offers wide range of tanks which include small round tanks, large round tanks, slimline tanks, underground tanks, pumps and prices, troughs, pools, ponds, transport and cartage tanks.

AAA Poly Tanks are available in various shapes and sizes and these tanks come with brass-nickle plated ball valve, brass outlet, strainers are made from stainless meshed frames and are available in different colours.

These small round water tanks comes with different capacities like 5,100 litres, 9,000 litres, 5,675 litres, 545 litres etc. 5,100 litres tank have diameter of 1.95meters, tank weight 125 kilograms and can carry 1120 gallons of materials. The 4,500 litres round tank has an inlet height of 1.23 meters with diameter 2.17 meters, tank weight of 100 kilograms and carries 1000 gallons of materials.

Large round water tanks from AAA Poly Tanks includes 13,500 litres, 10,000 liters, 9,000 litres, 34,000 litres, 22,700litres long tanks and squat tanks. The 9000 and 13500 litres tanks have inlet height 1.88 meters with diameter 2.53 meters and tank weight 175 kilograms.

Slimline tanks from AAA Poly Tanks are available in capacities like 3,200 litres, 5,000 litres, 4,000 litres. These tanks are available in colours which include mist, green, heritage, red, beige and smooth cream.