AAA Poly Tanks  provides accessories and fittings which include level indicators, tank gauges, tank sacks, pump covers, UV protected strainers, strainer covers and taps.

Tank gauges or level indicators are easy to install and the level of water inside the tanks can be read without any difficulty. The working process of level indicators is that when the float goes up and down with the water, the meter reads the amount of water present inside the tank. The level is indicated in form of centimeters. A maximum of 250 centimetre level of water can be indicated.

Tank sacks are used to strain way the unwanted particles like leaves, sticks which flow down to the water tanks from the roofs. When tank sacks are placed, they filter out all tiny bits of dust and dirt from the water. The tank sack is offered with a strainer and filter sack of 400 millimeters.

The strainers and strain covers are protected from UV rays for long life. The strainer and the covers are supplied together and come in different colours and dimensions.