A & D Frameless Glass  provides curved frameless screens to suit specific needs. Curved screens from A & D Frameless Glass are available in clear glass, acid etched or tinted glass. Curved screens can comprise of a single curved panel or even three curved panels, having radius of 400mm or more.

Sheer frameless screens offered by A & D Frameless Glass consist of an aluminium extrusion attached to the top as well as the bottom of the glass. It uses toughened glass having thickness of about 6mm. Absence of vertical frames give an appealing look to this screen. These sheer frameless screens can inhibit mould growth due to the presence of sheer silicone. A patented shower screen with no visible screws, pop rivets and patch fittings is also avaialble from A & D Frameless Glass. Presence of door splash adapter ensures that water does not get sprayed between the door and the floor. These frameless screens have a self closing door having the ability to self close at 30 degrees.

A & D Frameless Glass also supplies various accessories in addition to the shower screens. The glass shelves provided by A & D Frameless Glass contain soap holders and are available in clear and starphire glass. Bathroomware accessories are supplied in the brand names of Plaza, Caos and Metrix.