A & D Frameless Glass  is a supplier of frameless and semi frameless shower screens. A & D Frameless Glass has been operating since 1993, offering a wide range of shower screens to the people of Australia. A & D Frameless Glass also supplies glass splashbacks and mirrors with polished and decorative edges.

The range of frameless screens from A & D Frameless Glass can be broadly classified into two series, namely Series 1 range and Series 2. The Series 1 frameless range comprises of panels made from 10mm thick toughened safety glass. The frameless screens in this series are available in tinted, acid etched or clear glass. The hardware used for Series 1 frameless range includes a bracket per panel, a pair of hinges and door knob.

The hardware used for this series is made from solid brass that have finishes such as polished chrome, satin chrome, brass or powercoat colours. The hinges offered by A & D Frameless Glass enable doors to be wall hung at 90 degrees and glass to be hung at 90, 180 or 135 degrees. These hinges also possess a selfcentering mechanism.

The Series 2 range of frameless screens supplied by A & D Frameless Glass, are also made of thick toughened glass that have a thickness of 10mm. The Series 2 range of frameless screens are available only in clear glass. The hardware for these screens include three brackets, hinge pair and a door knob and is available in finishes such as polished chrome and satin chrome.