A & D Frameless Glass  provides a range of custom designed bathroom mirrors and glass splashbacks.
Bathroom mirrors from A & D Frameless Glass have polished, bevelled or decorative edges and are available in varied shapes and sizes. Glass splashbacks are a good alternative to the usage of tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. These glass splashbacks offered by A & D Frameless Glass are available in various colour swatches.

A & D Frameless Glass has introduced the 'Diamond Fusion' which is a revolutionary glass treatment methodology. Application of this treatment helps in the reduction of the maintenance time. This unique treatment offered by A & D Frameless Glass is accomplished prior to the installation of the glass screens. This methodology has made the glass cleaning process easier.

The diamond fusion technique provided by A & D Frameless Glass works by filling the pores present in the glass. This results in the growth of optically clear film within the glass which ultimately caps the surface leading to the formation of a smooth impenetrable surface. Dirt particles get entrapped on the glass surface thereby making it easy to clean the screen. This methodology is time-saving as well as a cost effective process.

The effect of the diamond fusion technique introduced by A & D Frameless Glass can be compared with the Teflon coating on cooking pans. This methodology can be applied to majority of silica-based products. A diamond fused screen needs to be wiped weekly using a glove followed by rinsing with clean cold water.