A Bending Company  specialises in providing a comprehensive range of tubular products. These tubular products offered by A Bending Company comply with industry standards. This company is an ISO 9002 accredited organisation. A Bending Company offers these tubular products to manufacturers, wholesalers as well as engineers. This company has been in the business of providing tubular products since 1987.

Tubular products supplied by A Bending Company have been specifically developed for various applications including hospital equipment, automotive products, handrails, outdoor furniture, playground as well as gymnasium equipment.

Various services provided by A Bending Company include mandrel bending as well as welding and fabrication services. Mandrel bending process has been specifically developed for minimising the rippling as well as distortion of material after it is formed. Several other bending services provided by A Bending Company include mandrel bending of tubes and pipes having dimensions ranging from 10 millimetres to about 115 millimetres.

Welding and fabrication services from A Bending Company include sub assembly of fabricated items, powder coating of equipment including conveyors or batch systems, prototyping services as well as MIG welding services.