A Bending Company , specialised in providing services to wholesalers, manufacturers and engineers involved in the bending and rolling industry, was established in 1987. A Bending Company offers varied range of tubular products, bending tools, services such as computer aided drafting, computer aided manufacturing, welding, fabrication and powder coating services. A Bending Company also provides prototyping and design services.

A Bending Company provides different types of equipment including semi automatic mandrel benders of varying size, semi automatic section rollers, semi automatic cutting tools, welders for fabrication and many other miscellaneous tools including powder coating systems, metal polishing tool and tube cleaning equipment.

Right from the concept and design stage, A Bending Company can produce any part that would result in the exact product required by the customer. At A Bending Company, the production of a particular part according to customer specification is welcomed though new ideas involve a lot of time and effort. A Bending Company’s focus is on reaching their potential and delivering results to the satisfaction of their customers.
According to A Bending Company, coiling and metal bending are factors that few people think about. Nevertheless, it is a key ingredient in the process of manufacturing process for an array of diverse components like cars, refrigerators, trains, planes, furniture, defence equipment and street barriers used in cafés.