A Bending Company  provides bending services that are an essential exercise in the making of a wide range of commercial as well as consumer products. These products are hospital equipment, handrails, automotive products, outdoor furniture, playground and gymnasium equipment. The services of A Bending Company can be classified as section rolling services, welding and fabrication and Mandrel bending tooling services. A Bending Company offers section rolling services. Section rolling methodology is used to produce quality curved items and is also known as ring rolling process. Different sections like hand rails, pipes, tubes, channels can be easily rolled using this technique into the specific radii resulting in the production of spiral handrails, angle rings, heat exchanger coils, archways.

The Mandrel bending methodology provided by A Bending Company prevents the rippling and distortion of materials. This technique is ideal for various consumer and commercial items including hand rails, furniture and shop fittings. A Bending Company can provide bending of some special sections using mandrel bending technique.

A Bending Company also provides welding and fabrication facilities which helps in the manufacture of a component with exact specifications. Welding services include tack welding for holding an angle ring in its place, sub assembly of fabricated items and powder coating.