Timber is one of our most precious natural resources. Able to be sustainably sourced and easily duplicated, it has become a choice for architects when undertaking projects in both an interior and exterior capacity.

With the emergence of cross-laminated (CLT) and glue-laminated (GLT) timber, carbon neutral and even negative buildings are becoming increasingly prominent. Fraser & Partners’ design for C6, set to be the world’s tallest timber tower in Perth is an example of this. Timber creates buildings with low embodied energy and is easily disassembled, reused and recycled.

Further on the reuse point, stripping back and exposing timber beams in residential and commercial projects is fast becoming a commonality throughout the built environment. Both architects and designers are aware of the qualities timber possesses and the benefits it has on the wider environment.

WoodSolutions are the Proud Sponsor of the Adaptive Reuse (alteration/addition) category at the 2022 Sustainability Awards. It’s all in a name for the company, who believes wood (or timber) can provide a solution to our carbon woes. WoodSolutions is a major advocate for adaptive reuse, and believes timber is one of the most adaptable and reusable materials at an architect’s disposal.

As for the category itself, the criteria states that architects are able to put forward projects that adaptively reuse certain elements when adding or altering a heritage and/or new building. It’s important to have a minimal impact on the historical significance of the building and its setting, while also pursuing a design that is sympathetic to the building in order to give it a new purpose.

There’s a host of new and altered developments that look to adaptively reuse elements of what has come before. As opposed to digging into the earth, by salvaging and saving materials, we’re already preventing a further pillage on the earth’s resources. Timber’s durability and adaptability makes it ideal for adaptive reuse projects, and WoodSolutions is able to provide a multitude of products for any project, adaptive reuse or otherwise.

We’ve opened up submissions for the 2022 Sustainability Awards. If you’ve completed a project in the past 12 months that is mindful of its surroundings and place in the world, then we’d love to see it. Submit it here.