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    WoodSolutions: Design and Build

    WoodSolutions is a website dedicated to professionals, companies and individuals involved in design, building design and construction with timber and wood products. We collate and distribute non-proprietary information, produce technical publications and design guides and educate through podcasts, webinars, professional seminars, expert advice and online learning tools. Together with industry bodies, technical associations and suppliers we work to inform on all aspects, benefits and requirements of building and designing with timber and wood products. Through a nationwide support network we aim to create the next generation of architects, designers, engineers, wood workers and consumers and buildings. WoodSolutions is resourced by Forest & Wood Products Australia Ltd (FWPA), a not for profit company that provides national research and development and promotional services to the Australian forest and wood products industry.


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    Sustainability eBook 2023: WoodSolutions
    Building design plays a pivotal role in shaping the sustainability of our urban environments. It is a powerful tool ...
    Sustainability eBook 2022: WoodSolutions
    It was in 2006, way back before smart phones or social media, when we launched what we now call the Sustainability ...
    WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides 41-51
    This resource contains Technical Design Guides 41-51. These design guides have been developed to provide an ...
    WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides 31-40
    This resource contains Technical Design Guides 31-40. These design guides have been developed to provide an ...
    WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides 21-30
    This resource contains Technical Design Guides 21-30. These design guides have been developed to provide an ...
    WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides 11-20
    This resource contains Technical Design Guides 11-20. These design guides have been developed to provide an ...
    WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides 1-10
    This resource contains Technical Design Guides 1-10. These design guides have been developed to provide an ...
    WoodSolutions Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) 1-7
    An environmental product declaration (EPD) is a standardised and verified way of quantifying the environmental ...
    WoodSolutions Fact Sheets 1-18
    WoodSolutions Fact Sheets are concise, one page descriptions of timber products and their benefits. ...
    WoodSolutions broadens industry understanding of sustainability
    As sustainability concerns become increasingly central to Australian design and construction, practitioners are ...
    Driving workplace wellness and productivity with timber
    Around the world, there is a growing body of evidence in support of the notion that natural materials and biophilic ...

    Sustainability Awards

    Sustainability trends in education & research
    Education and research facilities exist on a vast spectrum and, as such, their sustainability profiles and the trends ...
    Fostering learning within sustainable institutions
    While there are many educational institutions across the country, there is always a need to innovate. As new forms of ...
    WoodSolutions walks the talk with the new Resilient Timber Homes program
    Although sustainability has long been a critical focus for the design and construction industry, the term itself is ...
    Building in timber made easy with WoodSolutions’s new Project Portal
    While the use of wood in construction certainly isn’t new, and timber products occupy a well-established place in the ...
    Everyone’s invited to the “timber club” – Q&A with Paolo Lavisci of WoodSolutions
    Apart from being an author of a widely read book on the design of timber structures and a founder of structural ...
    Q&A with Eileen Newbury, Head of Marketing and Communications at FWPA and Head of the WoodSolutions Program
    Sustainability is at the very core of everything WoodSolutions does. Here, Eileen Newbury tells us about what that ...
    Timber: the key to adaptive reuse
    Timber is one of our most precious natural resources. Able to be sustainably sourced and easily duplicated, it has ...
    The one constant in the dynamically evolving sustainability landscape
    From a purely environmental concern to a complex notion that encompasses a range of different facets; from lack of ...


    One of the world’s leading websites for timber information and wood product news, data and guidance. You can join the more than 600,000 design and build professionals, academics and students taking advantage of resources offered by WoodSolutions. WoodSolutions was created as an industry initiative to provide independent, non-proprietary information about timber and wood products. The website contains more than 10,00 pages of information and is continually growing and developing useful resources for the design and build sector.

    - Earn CPD Points: Are you after CPD points and further professional development? Then check out the WoodSolutions events calendar where you can register for their webinars on a wide range of timber related topics. The monthly webinars begin at 11 am AEST on Tuesdays, taking an hour with speakers and presenters who cover in depth processes and procedures that optimise the benefits of building with wood. - Free education with CAMPUS: Another way to continue your professional development with WoodSolutions is through the WoodSolutions CAMPUS portal with free courses for students and professionals as well as educators looking for materials that support coursework at secondary and tertiary levels. - Free marketing for your business with our Supplier Listing: Increase your customer base by creating a free supplier listing on the WoodSolutions website. The listings provide detailed information about your business offerings that is searchable by area, product type, services and more. Over the past year 136,780 visitors have clicked through to a supplier’s website. The best performing listing, over the past twelve months, resulted in 11,808 click-throughs to the relevant company website, making quite an impact - Independent EPDs make Green Star ratings easy: Six Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are available to download from the WoodSolutions website. EPDs can be used by project teams to achieve Green Star rating points or can be used for credits in the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme. All EPDs offered by WoodSolutions have been authored and independently verified by leading professionals and registered by The Australasian EPD Programme Ltd, which is a part of the International EPD System. - Learn how to use timber with Technical Design Guides, Installation Guides and Fact Sheets: > WoodSolutions offers an array of resources that inform users about timber products and how best to utilise them. There are sixteen easy to access, one page Fact Sheets full of information about timber products and their benefits. > Dive deeper into information for design and build professionals with WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides. There are more than fifty guides offered on the website for free, or in hardcopy. The guides are authored by specialists with the aim to present the most up-to-date information that will facilitate compliance with regulations, including the National Construction Code (NCC). The topics covered include timber-framed construction, building with timber in bushfire prone areas, EXPAN engineered goods and fabrication specification, fire safety design of mid-rise timber buildings and more. The Technical Design Guides are continually being updated with new standards and information. - Stay up to date with the latest information on timber with our Podcasts & Webinars: Listen to the hugely popular WoodSolutions podcast, Timber Talks where host Adam Jones interviews world-leading experts in timber design, specification and construction. The podcast is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts or you can listen in directly on the website. - Get free Expert Advice: Head to the Expert Advice portal where you can ask project specific questions of our industry experts.

    Learn about carbon storage, Life Cycle Analysis or download Environmental Product Declarations and other resources to help you maximise Green Star Ratings.

    Fire ratings can be achieved with timber in a number of ways. Get more information here about the three most common ways of designing for fire, as well as a range of WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides that assist in compliance, construction and design for fire. You can also get more information on the health and wellness benefits of wood here.

    There are many hardwood and softwood species available in Australia. Some species are better than others for particular applications or locations, and this is dependent on factors such as durability rating, fire resistance, termite resistance, workability and availability. The WoodSolutions website lets you compare the properties of up to five species at the same time, helping you find the best timber or timber product for your building projects. Download the SpeciesSolutions app to find a supplier, species or application, compare two or more species for your project or search the WoodSolutions library of environmental credentials and other resources. The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can also head to the Expert Advice portal to ask project specific questions of our industry experts or browse the Supplier Listings to find out where you can purchase what you are looking for.

    Timber finishing is the process of protecting or refining the surface of a wooden material. Different uses of timber require different finishing and a natural division of the information is internal versus external finishes of timber.

    The WoodSolutions Bushfire Calculator V2.1 is an online design tool that enables building designers, builders, regulators and homeowners to determine the relevant Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) for a specific building site.

    o Head to the WoodSolutions website to find an extensive list of software packages and span tables available that assist with designing timber structures.

    Download the WoodSolutions Guide on R-values for Timber-framed Building Elements. This publication provides authoritative estimates of the R-value of common building construction elements incorporating timber-framed construction. These may be required to satisfy minimum energy efficiency standards introduced by building regulatory authorities throughout Australia.

    Mass timber is changing the way we look at specifying and building with wood. Download one of the free WoodSolutions Technical Design Guides covering mass timber and how to use it.

    You’ll find all the latest information on timber design and construction compliance related to fire, acoustics, building classes, environmental impact, thermal performance and quality assurance here on our website. Additionally, it specifically covers MRTFC (Multi-Residential Timber Framed Construction) and AS 1684, a four-part Australian Standard covering compliance for timber framing.

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