Quintessentially Australian, the outdoor living area in the backyard provides a protected space for gatherings with friends and family, or for spending time on your own. Investing in your personal outdoor living space provides years of enjoyment and is likely to add significant value to your home.

Creating a luxurious and protected outdoor space means you’re much more likely to head outside and enjoy nature. However, before planning your outdoor living area, there are several factors you will need to consider to ensure a final design outcome that will meet your needs over the long term.

To begin with, there’s no need to treat your indoor and outdoor living spaces separately – many choose to extend their indoor living space to the outdoors these days using large retractable glazing to effect a seamless transition into their protected outdoor area.

Depending on your preferences, you could create a completely protected space that would allow you to entertain year-round, or a space that is only mildly protected, which would restrict you to entertaining only in good weather.

For instance, a simple pergola without any outdoor blinds has limited capability of protecting you from the bright sun, rain or wind.

Alternatively, an undercover area with a solid roof structure and track-guided outdoor blinds will allow you to fully cover the space in minutes if the weather changes for the worse in the middle of your party. These outdoor living spaces offer excellent weather protection, especially on hot summer days by blocking external heat and taking advantage of the coolness radiating from the house.

You can even entertain in fully enclosed outdoor areas during the coldest winter months with track-guided outdoor blinds from Ziptrak Pty Ltd providing a high quality barrier from cold weather. When combined with outdoor patio heaters, or roof-mounted heaters, Ziptrak blinds can effectively warm the area as the blinds trap a good amount of the heat.

The quality of your roofing structure and choice of track-guided blinds are major factors when trying to create an enclosed and protected outdoor living space.

PVC blinds that completely block wind and rain will help you maintain the view and keep the current temperature within the space. Ziptrak Sunscreen Mesh blinds allow the area to breathe with reduced wind flow that will still maintain warmth within the area during winter. Track-guided blinds are most effective for enclosed spaces instead of channel blinds that are too flimsy to provide wind or insect protection.

Privacy is also an important consideration in outdoor living areas. Lastly, flexibility in your material and design choices will ensure you can simply push the blinds away when you don’t need protection from wind, rain, dust, sun or insects and enjoy nature to the fullest on a beautiful day.