Blinds from Ziptrak Pty Ltd are designed for safe and easy operation in indoor or outdoor environments.
Ziptrak blind systems feature specially designed slotted side tracks for the blinds to glide smoothly up or down, setting them apart from conventional blinds that are only attached at the top and fastened at the bottom, which makes operation difficult, especially in windy conditions.
Ziptrak blinds on the other hand, are attached on all sides, making them safe to operate at all times. The specially designed spline is attached to the edge of the fabric and locks it into the tracks. The pre-tensioned spring enables the blind to stop and stay wherever required.
The combined weight of the bottom bar and screening fabric, as it comes off the top roller tube cancels out the increasing spring tension, thereby remaining in any desired position. Additionally, since the blind is attached inside the side tracks, it is safe and easy to operate at all times.
Ziptrak blind systems are ideal for installation in patios or verandas in private homes using clear or tinted PVC against the winter cold or high tech solar fabrics for UV and sun protection.
Ziptrak blinds are more suitable for screening applications in cafes and restaurants than traditional blinds with complicated zippers. The blinds can be operated without having to be touched, ensuring the material stays clean for a longer time.
The Ziptrak system can also be used for corporate signage or product promotions on shop windows using a high tech mesh fabric for sun protection.
Key features and benefits of Ziptrak blind systems:
  • No ropes or pulleys are required for operation
  • Blind can be locked in down position with specially designed locks to guard against high winds
  • Tracks are made of quality aluminium, powder coated to choice of colour
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Choice of clear PVC or shade fabric
  • Can be operated manually or electrically