Committed to provide business management solutions to the property and construction industries, Zavanti Property and Construction Software introduces the Zavanti Web Reports from Corda, a powerful enterprise platform designed to deliver greater performance management control.

The Zavanti Web Reporting software is able to connect to virtually any data source and it can be viewed on any computer or device using a web browser. The drag 'n' drop builder, smart themes and the intuitive design interface allow users to rapidly create design specific to their data and needs.

The use of Ajax technology results in stunning looks, fast deployment and a clean delivery at the right time. An inbuilt alerting system enables decision-makers to take quick action, send scheduled or score-based emails on Key Performance Indicators, immediately signalling when a KPI moves out of a pre-defined range.

Communication is link with collaboration thanks to Zavanti Web Reporting's collaboration tools, which allows a single KPI or an entire dashboard to be packaged into an e-mail to share with colleagues or other stakeholders or to add annotations to KPIs to add context and understanding.

Unlike other data sources which do not store historical data, Zavanti Web Reporting Software takes snapshots of the data at set intervals to facilitate trending analysis. These snapshots can then be compiled into a single view to obtain insights into important trends and history.

The Zavanti Web Reporting views the data in the specific organisation’s environment, making adoption intuitive and easy while a role-based.authentication and security allows  the right dashboard or KPI to be presented to the appropriate person.