Developed by Zavanti's partner Activeplan Solutions, the Zavanti Facilities Planner provides a high-level, strategic view of the estate, whilst allowing the operational detail to be instantly accessed where necessary.

Activeplan, by Zavanti Property and Construction Software ,  is unique in a number of aspects:

  1. Macro and Micro level planning and management both operate from the same integrated database, but have different interfaces to suit the role of each user.
  2. ActivePlan's Facilities Information Model (FIM) addresses the age-old problem of relating CAD and non-CAD information by building a spatial engine in a relational database (MS SQLServer) with a graphics engine that reads and writes to CAD applications via dwg or XML. The resulting database ensures drawings and schedules are always coordinated (because they are just two views of the same data) and can be viewed as text documents, drawings, 3D models - all through a web-browser.
  3. ActivePlan is able to relate graphical and spatial information to operational databases and provide a way to review and manage information in a multi-dimensional manner, allowing the correct decisions to be taken to avoid disruption.

The following are some other key features of Zavanti's Facility Planner software:
  • Briefing and Specification Management: designed to produce a specification in a form that allows suppliers to respond more effectively and their solutions to be automatically compared with the specification. Revisions of the specification are version-controlled and comparable against any other version.
  • Existing facilities data gathering and assessment: allows comprehensive audits of all existing property-related data to be conducted, and after reviewing and identifying the prime sources of each information-set, the most accurate versions will be imported into a single co-ordinating database and inconsistencies or missing information
  • Capturing new data: packages of information can be generated for different surveyors, including an intelligent floor plan against which to record results, in a format that ensures the information they capture is properly structured to feed back into the master database.
  • Automatically apply, maintain and update information:
    • Portfolio Management: ActivePlan provides a single, portfolio-wide, view of the properties and allows them to be viewed by division, geographic region, location type or program of works.
    • Site information, presented in a variety of ways, in this case, colour-coded to ease decision-making and focus on those with the highest risks.
    • New Projects: ActivePlan reverses the process of O&M creation to address the fundamental problems of data quality, timeliness and usability.
    • Design updates: ActivePlan's ability to read and write data to most applications allows users to continuously update information.Energy Performance Compliance: ActivePlan's FIM contains much of the information required by the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) systems to calculate the Energy Performance, reducing the time and cost required to produce and maintain Energy Performance Certificates through the construction process.
ActivePlan is able to store the documents produced on the project in a more easily retrievable manner. As a result,  zones are created during the design process and updated as the use of the building is agreed so they reflect the operational requirement in much more detail and all of the equipment and materials in each zones inherit their location in the context of the floor, the building and the system they might be part of.