Zavanti Dashboards utilise the powerful technology of Center-View software from Corda to provide performance dashboards that can be viewed anywhere, anytime. 

Used to control and monitor an organisation’s performance management, Zavanti Web Reports provide a powerful enterprise platform that enables the user to take action, expose trends and visualise data. From this the user is able to take quick action with KPI alerts and collaboration tools, and choose how they view the most important information.

The data dashboards can be configured to display leading or lagging process against goals as well as show trends, deviations and geographic and spatial performance, amongst others. Content can also be filtered based on the user so that there are role-based views and appropriate security access.

Users are also able to create data snapshots at set intervals which can then be compiled into a single view, offering insight into trends and other historical data.

Zavanti performance management dashboards can be viewed on any computer or mobile device that has a web browser.

Further information on Dashboards is available from Zavanti.