Absorbers, controllers, roof fasteners and filters are also offered by Zane Solar Systems apart from valves and pumps.

Manifold pack type absorber is long length moudling, supported at joints and is suited for J layout while the Ultra Tuff model consists of extruded channels of materials in coils. It also has chemical, ozone and heat resistance. The manifold pack with Gulfstream absorber made of ultra tuff material comes with a flexilock system and a PVC pipe. A repair kit for the absorbers is also available.

Controllers for the regulation of temperature in the solar system are included in the Zane Solar System's product portfolio. PC5 and PC4 solar controllers, PC3 solar pump controller, ZX2000 solar controller with battery supporting a 10 hours power capacity, solar controller PC2 are the types of controllers available. In addition, controller manual and gas heater kits are also offered.

Roof fasteners for providing mechanical support on tiles, steel, deck, roofs is provided by Zane Solar Systems. Solar, manifold and tile clips apart from a metal anchor and an adhesive are available to prevent slipping of the absorber strip. The manifold clip is made of Zincalume sheet and it removes the need to drill into roofs.

An inline strainer is used for the removal of debris, so that there is no block in the solar system. This product with a see through body, has a stainless steel mesh for filtering.