A swimming pool is often only at a useable temperature for around three to four months of the year, however, by installing  a Gulfstream solar pool heating system from Zane Solar Pool Heating Australia , the swimming season can be extended to all year round.

Gulfstream systems are custom built rubber or strip type systems installed onto a roof. The systems are flexible ensuring that they blend in with the existing design of the building. The size of the system is dependent on the size of the pool and the desired temperature.

The main benefit of the Gulfstream solar pool heating system is that it is cost effective. Not only does the system rely on solar energy but each installation is tailor designed to ensure that the customer is not paying for a larger system than required for their pool.

Additional benefits of the Gulfstream system include the following:

  • Easy, flexible installation; including onto unusual shaped roofs
  • Exceptional thermal transference qualities;and
  • UV stabilised for a longer life.

A Zane solar system can be installed either as an independent system or an integrated system.

An independent system uses a pump to circulate the pool water directly from the pool to the roof, where it is heated, and then back to the pool. This system can not be added to an existing pool but is easy to install and would not interfere with the filtration system.

An integrated system uses the filtered water from the pool ensuring that the water sent to the roof to be heated is clean. This system can be fitted easily retro fitted.

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