Zane Solar Systems Australia  supply a wide range of solar systems. The Zane solar system pays for itself in just a few years. After the initial setup cost, the ongoing running costs are minimal as the heat is provided free from the sun. A Zane solar system can be installed either as an independent system or an integrated system.

Independent systems

  • In an independent system, the pool water is pumped directly from the pool to the solar absorber on the roof and then returns the heated water back to the pool.
  • Independent systems require the pool builder to plan for solar, or to have the professional support of a Zane dealer from the initial stages.
  • Independent systems are simple to install and do not interrupt the filtration system.

Integrated solar system

  • An integrated system involves diverting the flow of water after the filtration system. Generally a secondary pump pushes the filtered water up to the solar absorber on the roof and returns the heated water back to the pool through the existing pool water return lines.
  • An integrated system can be easily retro-fitted without affecting any other part of the pool structure and it uses the filtered water of the pool to ensure that clean water is sent to the roof absorber.