Worldwide Refinishing Systems  provides resurfacing solutions for bathrooms. Comparing with the traditional method of renovation, this resurfacing takes only two to three days. Further, the estimated cost is 50% to 75% lesser. Resurfacing or refinishing is convenient than total replacement of a bathroom.

Resurfacing can be done on floor tiles, wall tiles, vanities, basins, shower trays, shower floors, spa baths etc.  The bath resurface depends on the severity of the damage. At any time, a new bath can be fixed over the old bath in 3 hours. Resurfacing is done on scrathed, stained bathtub without removal of the tub,  but at the same time giving a glazing surface.

Worldwide Refinishing Systems also provides restoration process. Restoration process is ideal to resurface antique pieces. To have a raw, rust-free cast iron, sand-blasting is done at first, then the outer surfaces of the tub is finished with a glossy finish like the inner side. The original appearance of the tub may also be brought out.

Worldwide Refinishing Systems offers anti-slip services for domestic and commercial places. Anti-slip threads and anti-slip stair nosings, particle enchanced coatings, abrasive appliques, surface etches are some of the methods handled in this process. Kitchen floor, laundry floor, bathroom floor, steps, poolside, bath are places where slip-resistance is needed.