Surfaces in businesses and offices like bathroom and kitchen floors, pathways, entrance steps and patios require some form of anti slip flooring to prevent safety hazards.

Worldwide Refinishing Systems offers effective multi-method anti slip flooring prevention services.

A specially formulated anti slip flooring chemical system called 'Anchor' is used for bathroom floor tiles that modify the micro profile of the tile surfaces.

Anchor Anti-Slip increases the static and dynamic resistance of the surface when wet and since the application is not a coating, it cannot peel or yellow.

For tiled floors other than in bathrooms, the Anchor Anti-Slip chemical system is most suited for indoors and outdoors.

For stairways, steps, ramps, platforms and other inclined pathways subject to high pedestrian traffic, anti-slip appliques, commercial treads and stair nosings are available.

Light duty concrete floors require hard, durable and thin-film coatings with anti-slip particle content. The floor is cleaned to remove contamination and repaired as necessary. At least two coating applications are required.