WoodSolutions is proud to host world-renowned architect Tye Farrow while promoting his new book Constructing Health in Australia. 

Tye offers an engaging and accessible way forward in how to construct health through specific, measurable design qualities and characteristics that enhance human performance in the cities and homes we live in, the places we learn, and the spaces we heal. 

Hear Tye speak on Constructing Health: How the Built Environment Enhances Your Mind Health  

The positive impacts of incorporating natural elements into the built environment are well known. Designing spaces with exposed timber, for example, creates healthier living and working environments, improving our overall well-being. 

T3 Collingwood is a high quality 15-level commercial building that aims to achieve best-practice sustainable design, encompassing mass timber construction, building performance, occupancy comfort, and the urban environment. 

When complete, it will be Melbourne's largest mass timber office building. 

Don't miss out on this chance to peek inside the building and gain valuable insights and learnings on Mass Timber Construction from the T3 project team. 


12:15 – 12:30 Welcome & Introduction from WoodSolutions

12:30 - 2:00 T3 Teams

Headshot of woman standing in front of trees

Jo Lees – Construction Manager, Hines

T3 Collingwood is an exceptional progressive workplace nestled in the Melbourne fringe, only 4km from the CBD.  It stands as a pinnacle of innovation, with a dominant structure of mass timber.  T3 Collingwood proudly belongs to Hines’ esteemed T3 portfolio, embodying the essence of Timber, Transit and Technology.  Envisioned to be a signature creative office development, T3 Collingwood’s design exudes elegance, timelessness and distinction, mirroring the inherent qualities of mass timber.  As an example of sustainable architecture, this visionary project harmoniously blends environmental consciousness with cutting edge aesthetics offering a glimpse into the future where innovation and natural beauty converge. 

Jimmy Walker– Senior Associate, Jackson Clements Burrows

Danny Watson standing in front of Hundegger machine wearing high-vis

Danny Watson – Structural Engineer, ASH

Danny will discuss ASH’s role as the GLT supplier in the design, collaboration and manufacture of the project. What DfMA principles were applied to ensure an efficient design through manufacture and site installation, and how this was coordinated with the other consultants and sub-contractors within the building project.

Women wearing high-vis and hard hat standing in front of a mass timber construction site.

Mei Doery - Project Manager, ICON

T3 is seen as a benchmark project for the business and presents timber as a viable option as an alternative to traditional concrete and steel construction. Icon will present on the ‘real life’ experience of Mass Timber installation from the perspective of a builder. They will discuss the challenges, solutions and benefits gained, utilizing new technologies, and share the processes involved from design, manufacturing to installation, and how collaboration with key stakeholders and lessons learnt from previous projects were implemented and key to the project’s success.

Matthew Bove – Principal Structural Engineer, AECOM

2:00 – 2:45 Lunch Break

2:45 – 4:00 Tye Farrow - Presentation and Q&A – Constructing Health: How the Built Environment Enhances Your Mind Health

Man holding a notebook while speaking to an audience

Tye Farrow explores the relationship between architecture and mental health, delving into how our built environment can either enhance or harm well-being. He bridges the gap between medicine and design, drawing on various fields such as psychology and neuroscience to show how intentional environmental design can support physical and neurological health. By understanding how our surroundings affect us, he suggests that designing more thoughtful environments can improve both individual and societal well-being.

4:00 – 5: 00 Networking afternoon tea

Start/End Date: 31 Oct 2023 12:15pm
Location: T3 - 36 Wellington St Collingwood, VIC