Facilitated by Australian government grant funding, the University of Tasmania in collaboration with WoodSolutions has launched a pilot micro-credential course on Timber Design for Residential Construction.

The micro-credential is structured to make upskilling and stacking credentialed education accessible to busy professionals and students. The course incorporates materials and knowledge from leading industry experts to enable students to learn through real-world case studies and models.

Ideal for engineers, architects, building designers, and other professionals involved in construction planning and coordination, the micro-credential is delivered online with flexible options for self-paced learning and opportunities for networking with industry professionals.

This collaboration between the University of Tasmania, WoodSolutions, and other industry experts provides access to all the latest knowledge and practices for a cutting-edge curriculum. It also provides up-to-date information on industry standards for students to complete the course with practical knowledge that can be applied on the job.

Timber design in residential construction is an ever-growing field of work that aligns with core sustainability principles required across construction professions. Working in this field affords the opportunity to participate in rewarding careers that work toward a resilient and more sustainable future for residential construction in Australia.

And students don’t have to stop there. Completion of the micro-credential opens pathways to further studies at the University of Tasmania, including credit options for engineering degrees. The micro-credential units are designed to accommodate the busy lives of professionals and to ease the financial strain of traditional education and upskilling.

The micro-credential equips individuals with specialised skills and knowledge in timber design for residential construction to meet the demands of the sector. This certification can help address professional shortages in Australia by providing a pool of qualified individuals ready to contribute effectively and efficiently to projects.

The micro-credential course is funded by the Australian Government Micro-credentials Pilot in Higher Education. This means zero fees for students.

You can find more information and register your interest for the course at: Timber Design for Residential Construction micro-credential | University of Tasmania (utas.edu.au).