Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) statistics and economics manager Kevin Peachey recently joined a select group of architects, engineers, developers, and building professionals on the WoodSolutions Study Tour to Sweden and Norway. Led by timber engineer and CEO of the Timber Development Association, Andrew Dunn, this immersive experience provided a unique opportunity to explore groundbreaking timber projects, innovative fabrication facilities, and the brilliant minds behind them. 

Norway and Sweden stand as beacons of excellence in timber manufacturing, driven by thriving forestry industries. The study group of 15 representatives from Australia delved into a range of remarkable building projects, engaging with industry professionals at the forefront of timber innovation. From multi-storey residential buildings to Olympic sporting facilities, municipal structures, office buildings, and even a multi-storey timber car park, each visit offered invaluable insights into the potential of timber as a construction material. 

WoodSolutions Study Tour

The tour encompassed both ongoing construction sites and completed projects, enabling the group to witness the full lifecycle of timber structures. The attendees explored the intricacies of cross laminated timber (CLT), glulam manufacturing, and modular fabrication plants, gaining a deeper understanding of the materials and advanced offsite manufacturing techniques employed in Norway and Sweden. Notably, they had the privilege of visiting the renowned BoKlok factory in Sweden, a collaboration between Skanska and IKEA, where modular homes are constructed with remarkable efficiency – four affordable homes per day, ready for on-site delivery.

WoodSolutions Study Tour

The WoodSolutions Study Tours have been instrumental in fostering the acceptance of timber in Australian construction, uniting like-minded professionals and igniting a passion for timber's vast possibilities. Building design professionals are invited to join this extraordinary opportunity to expand their knowledge, network with industry leaders, and draw inspiration from architecturally significant timber buildings. 

The Norway and Sweden tour builds upon the resounding success of previous WoodSolutions Study Tours. Don't miss your chance to be part of this transformative experience. Stay tuned for future tour announcements and witness first-hand how timber innovation is reshaping the future of construction.