Extreme rainfall can create conditions in which timber products may become affected by moisture.

To minimise damage to timber and wood products, WoodSolutions recommends the following resources.

WoodSolutions timber storage flyer

This two-page PDF document titled ‘Reduce Moisture Issues by Storing Timber Correctly’ by Jeffrey J. Morrell, Professor and Director, National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life describes potential moisture problems in timber storage and provides solutions.


Technical Design Guide 12

Impact and Assessment of Moisture-affected Timber Framed Construction.


If you have any projects that may be moisture affected, we encourage you to read these documents, or share them with colleagues or contractors who may find them useful.

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Visit WoodSolutions Campus and take the Managing Timber’s Moisture Content module.

This free self-paced online module is a quick and easy introduction to the role of moisture in timber, how it is measured, and how it can affect performance and service life.

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