In a scene reminiscent of a Harry Potter-like spell, a 10 year old’s bedroom received a magical makeover in just one weekend.

A desk the focal point of the room was created out of an old sideboard that had had its doors removed and was sanded back to remove old, cracked surface varnish. The sideboard was a good choice because it provided lots of pigeon-holes for storage.

The desk was then sprayed, inside and out, in White Knight Paints' Super Chrome to give a rich, lustrous finish.

Two coats were all that were needed. Further storage was provided by spraying some existing filing and storage boxes in White Knight Paints Squirts.

As the occupant of the bedroom is a young girl whose favourite colours are pink and blue, several shades of each of these colours were selected from the Squirts range.

The same colour blue, again in Squirts, was used for the inexpensive but very funky chair bought from Ikea.

A handy hint when repainting any item is to give it a light sand first to make sure any loose paint or grime is removed. And if the item is bare timber, then give it a coat of primer, such as White Knight Paints Super Primer for metal and timber, to ensure a good painted finish.

The large blackboard/noticeboard was created by spraying a piece of metal, found in a council clean-up, in White Knight Paints’ Chalkboard Paint in black and placing in an old mirror frame that had been sprayed in the same Super Chrome finish as the desk.

The advantage of the metal blackboard is that it doubles as a noticeboard once some magnets are sprayed in various shades of squirts pink and blue.

The walls were painted in a complementary blue from Bristol Paints.