A brand new addition to DIY tile paint by White Knight Paints is a sleek, shiny silver finish that has been designed to complement both stainless steel kitchen appliances and the new breed of contemporary chrome bathroom fittings.

With a beautiful palette of colours already available in Tile Paint – literally thousands of hues – silver was seen by White Knight Paints’ colourists as the missing link in the company’s ability to provide the total DIY makeover package for both kitchen and bathroom.

Tile Paint was specifically developed to enable a complete tile transformation for the most amateur DIYer – but always with professional results.

The three-part paint system will recolour and rejuvenate the most dated, dingy tiles leaving a smooth, hardwearing, glossy finish for both kitchen and bathroom wall tiles, even shower recesses.

The key factor in the success of the transformation process is the use of each part of the White Knight system in a simple step-by-step process.

The Tile Cleaner is applied first, followed by the Primer and finally two coats of Tile Paint - and then Grout Pen to whiten and freshen the grout lines.

The high performance Tile & Laminate Primer has been specially formulated to stick to smooth, glossy surfaces and provides a permanent base coat for the gloss finish.

After just four hours the Primer is ready for overcoating with two coats of White Knight Tile Paint. No ordinary enamel, the Tile Paint’s formula provides a high gloss finish that is tough, hardwearing and waterproof.

The finishing touch for the entire project is to re-define the grout lines using the White Knight Grout Pen to colour over the grout lines giving a crisp, white finish.

The easy to use Grout Pen is also ideal for re-whitening discoloured grout anywhere in the home – a real alternative to re-grouting.

The White Knight Paints’ tile painting range is available nationally from hardware stores and paint outlets.